Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling in Surrey

Surrey is a beautiful area of British Columbia. It has good people, interesting sights and delicious food. Traveling around Surrey can be an exhilarating experience. Just the thought of moving all over the land and seeing new things is enough to convince a lot of people to go traveling. However, there is more to think about when you are traveling on the road. When you travel through a city or province, you might have to stay in a hotel overnight. When you stay in a hotel, you run the risk of picking up bed bugs. This is not a pleasant prospect, as bed bugs are a terrible nuisance. Read on to find out how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Picked Up?

Dress Scattered on Bed

The major way of picking up bed bugs is by putting your clothes directly on the bed in the hotel. Bed bugs will typically be hiding in mattresses, box springs, sheets, and pillows. If there is no encasement on the mattress, this is a dangerous spot to leave your belongings. Bed bugs love hotels, because there are so many new people passing in and out each day. They have a prime chance to hitch a ride with each new guest that arrives.

Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs

To protect against bed bugs, it is important to always be vigilant. Your luggage and clothes should be placed on an elevated surface. After your luggage is out of harm’s way, you can thoroughly inspect the room to make sure it is clear. Look for nests or swarms, as well as bed bug egg sacks. If everything seems to be okay, this is a good sign. However, you still must not let your guard down.

Traveling Mattress Protectors

Covering the bed is an essential component of staying in a hotel. If the hotel does not have mattress protector, you should bring your own. These are covers that are placed on top of the mattress, preventing the bed bugs from emerging. This is a good way of ensuring that the bed bugs do not come out of the mattress and attach themselves to your luggage.

After Returning Home

Even after all your precautions, it is still possible that you may have brought some unwanted pests home with you. Do not bring your luggage into the house straight away. First, inspect everything carefully to ensure there are no bugs attached. Then you can leave the luggage in the garage for a day or two, just to ensure that no bugs are getting into the house.


Do not allow the threat of bed bugs to prevent you from having a good trip in Surrey. By thinking ahead, you will easily be able to outsmart the annoying pests. Traveling mattress protectors are good methods of preventing bed bugs from following you home. In addition to this, you will need to be on the lookout for possible signs that bed bugs are in the hotel, or attached to your luggage.

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