Volunteering and Its Amazing Benefits

As much as I usually find it hard to create some volunteering time, the benefits when I do are enormous for me, my entire family, and the entire Surrey community. Below are some of the many benefits I get from helping others.


 1. Connection

Volunteering allows me to connect to the community in Surrey, BC and make it a better place. I have learned that helping out, even in the smallest of ways, can result in a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Volunteering is a two-way street, and as much as it benefits the cause you choose to help, it also benefits the practitioner. Dedicating some time as a volunteer helps me to expand my network, make new friends, and boost my social skills. By exposing me to neighborhood resources, fulfilling activities, and people with shared interests, volunteering broadens my support network and strengthens my ties to the entire community in Surrey, BC.

2. Improves my mental and physical health


Having a meaningful connection to another person usually has a significant positive impact on the mental and physical health of many individuals. As such, the social contact aspect of working with and assisting others has had a profound effect on my psychological well-being. To me, helping other people not only delivers immense pleasure, but the stable support system developed from regular contact with other like-minded individuals also protects me against depression.

Volunteering helped me to find new meaning and direction in my life, an effect I have noted in almost every other volunteer regardless of age or life situation. Volunteering not only helps me to take my mind off my worries but also keeps me mentally stimulated. It has provided a new sense of purpose.

Volunteering generally involves a lot of walking, and although I am not an exercising person, the walks do me a lot of good and help me to stay physically fit.

3. Increase my self-confidence


As human beings, we are hard-wired to give unto others, and the more we tend to give, the happier we end up feeling, which boosts our self-confidence. While volunteering, I am always aware that we are helping other people and improving the community as a whole. The natural sense of accomplishment I get from knowing that I am making a difference improves my self-confidence. As you may well know, the better people feel about themselves, the more likely they are to view their lives in a positive manner and have future goals. Because my role as a volunteer gives me a sense of pride and identity, I am today more confident about life and what lies ahead than I ever was before.

4. Advances my career

connectionVolunteering has not only helped me to get experience in other fields but also to meet with different people in those areas. Although I am not planning on changing careers, volunteering has given me the opportunity to practice some important workplace skills like project planning, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, task management, and organization. I felt more comfortable stretching my wings at work after honing these skills as a volunteer, which worked wonders for my career. Volunteering also offers the chance to try out other career options without necessitating long-term commitments, an excellent way to gain some experience in any new field. Volunteering opportunities also provide extensive training, and I even become an experienced crisis counselor after volunteering for a women’s shelter in Surrey, BC.

5. Brings fun and fulfillment to my life

Volunteering is an easy and fun way to explore my interests and passions. While doing volunteer work, I found out that meaningful and interesting work can also be quite a relaxing and energizing escape from my day-to-day work routine. Volunteering also provided me with renewed motivation, vision, and creativity, which I carried over into my personal and professional life.

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